Please note that this site is scheduled to be decommissioned during summer 2014. The collected data will be kept available as described here and here.

RIPE NCC - World IPv6 Day Measurements - AAAA Record Visibility

This page shows how our vantage points saw AAAA ("IPv6") records when doing a DNS lookup of the main website in DNS for the participants we're measuring. Each line represents the visibility of AAAA records for the main website of one single participant, over time. The colours in the timeline represent what percentage of the vantage points saw AAAA records, going from blue (no vantage points see AAAA records) to green (all vantage points see AAAA records).

There are two sections of the graph:

  • The upper part shows sites that plan to enable IPv6 (AAAA DNS records) for the duration of World IPv6 Day (in alphabetical order)
  • The lower part shows sites that have already enabled IPv6 (AAAA DNS records) before World IPv6 Day (in alphabetical order)
You can also select the time interval you're interested in by using the slider at the bottom of the graph.